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March 21st always marks the first day of the Cult of the Black Goat’s calendar, and we celebrate that by sending out a fresh Cult newsletter and introducing a new exclusive model!

First, the newsletter.  In the past, issues of Fhtagn! were attached to a simple email, but membership has grown to the point that we’re trying out a delivery service.  Most Cultists appear to be getting their messages just fine, but if you were expecting one and haven’t received it, double check your spam folder and let us know if you haven’t got one.

Now, the model!  This year we present ‘The Watcher’, sculpted for us by our good friend Bob Murch.  New Cult members will now receive this model as part of their welcome package, and existing members will have one added to their first non-PDF webstore order placed this “Cult year”.  You should also check out Bob’s own paint job on this model.

You looking at me?

Still not a member of The Cult of the Black Goat? Check out the benefits!

A bit of a good news/bad news update this month.

Some Fun!

Uncle Mike is currently hosting the Lovecraftian Painting Circle over at Lead Adventure Forum. Only 100 freshly painted mythos horrors will be accepted to the circle! Head over the check out the entries or submit your own tentacled terror to the proceedings.

The Good!

We’ve finally caved in and added PDF editions of our in-print rulebooks to the UMW Shop.  Strange Aeons ($24), Morbid Adventures ($16) and Shocking Tales #3 ($12) are now all available in digital editions.  There’s also the ‘Virtual Insanity’ bundle, which nets you the whole range of SA rules for a mere $66.66.

“What prompted this sudden change of heart towards the gentle PDF?” you might ask?  There’s a few factors at work here.  First, our out-of-print material has sold very well, indicating that the demand is strong, and that there isn’t a noticeable issue with piracy.  Second, there are quite a number of people who aren’t keen on paying for shipping, which brings us to…

The Not Quite So Good

For a few years now, Canada Post’s insidious rate creep has been persistently nipping at our heels like an insatiable Hound of Tindalos.  Despite Mike’s valiant effort to eliminate all Euclidian corners from his lair (at least that’s what he told me he was doing – may have been he just needed to vacuum…), those foul beast finally have us in their clutches.  Alas, the time has finally come to raise the UMW Shop shipping rates.  Here’s what things look like now:

Expedited Parcel (2-7 business days): $12.00

Up to 1kg: Small Packet Air (no tracking, approx. 1-2 weeks): $12.00
Over 1kg: Expedited Parcel (4-10 business days + customs): $25.00

Small Packet Air (no tracking, approx. 1-2 weeks)
- Up to 0.25kg: $12.00
- 0.26 to 0.5kg: $18.00
- 0.51 to 1kg: $36.00
- 1.01 to 2kg: $50.00
Orders over 2kg will ship by Air Parcel (same timeframe, but with tracking) at a flat rate of $75.

On the plus side, we’ve refined the weights of a number of items, particularly rulebooks.  This should (hopefully) minimize the impact of the new rates on overseas customers.

We’ve tried to hold off on this as long as humanly (or possibly humanoidly) possible, but the time has come to get our store shipping rates aligned more closely to reality.  As of February 3rd, virtually all rates will be increasing, but you still have a few days to take advantage of the current prices.

Also, to improve your options, we’ll be introducing PDF editions of the Strange Aeons Rulebook, Morbid Adventures and Shocking Tales #3, making our entire rules catalogue available in digital format.

Well, Krampus has really settled in and made himself at home at Uncle Mike’s Lab.  He’s drinking all the beer, eating whatever he can lay his hands on, and…  well, long story short, we can’t seem to get him to leave.  The upside to this for you, the consumer, mercifully distant from Krampus’ distinctive odour, is that we’ll be continuing to sell our exceptionally popular (glad you like him!) Krampus miniature until January 15th.

The snow is falling outside Uncle Mike’s lab, and we’ve been trimming the tree with anything red or green.  Some of it is still moving, and we’re hoping the smell isn’t too overpowering in three weeks.  Yes, the holiday season is upon us, so grab a cup of coffee/eggnog/cocoa/scotch/glogg (pick one – mixing is generally inadvisable) and settle in for some festive insanity.


As promised, today marks the release of our special holiday Krampus model, complete with terrified children.  We’ll be selling this pack throughout the month of December (possibly into January if supplies hold out), and also have some amusing new scenarios for Krampus to star in – one each for Strange Aeons and Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten.  You can download those, along with profiles for both Krampus and the Children, on the Resources page.  Or, if you want to save a bit of time, this handy archive has all four files wrapped together for you.  We’ve also revised our 2011 holiday scenario, Nightmare on 34th Street, to match up better with the new rules for Children, so dust off that Maniac Santa!  Still not enough eldritch cheer for you?  Don’t forget to sprinkle your games with some Season’s Beatings.

As an added silly season bonus, and something for those Scrooges out there who wouldn’t touch a holiday miniature if their life depended on it, we’ve burned the midnight oil to get our Hybrids cast up and ready for release.  The response to our recent preview was so positive, we felt it wrong to keep them from you any longer, thus these fishy denizens can also now be yours!  Visit our Online Store to get shopping.


j_cockburn_winnerWow, what a finish!  It was looking like a pretty lean year only one week ago, but BrushOff! 2013 finished with a record-setting number of entries.  After a lengthy chain of judging emails (the Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition would be hard pressed to get out of Uncle Mike’s Lab under current conditions), we’ve selected the winning entries.

Single Pack
1st Place – Rob Mitchell’s Cultists bowled us over with their detailed robes and hand-painted Cult of the Black Goat banner in tow
2nd Place – Florian Stockbauer’s Godling was too massive and horrifying to be ignored

1st Place – Jim Cockburn’s Dagonites (pictured) swept in and stole the show in this category.  What a Deep One!
2nd Place – Rob Mitchell crops up again with his eye-searingly green horde of Death Cultists

Our sincere thanks to everyone that submitted an entry and made BrushOff! a success once again.

Two days to Krampus…

After a deluge of last-minute entries, we’ve almost matched the bar set by the past two years of BrushOff!  Thanks to everyone that’s taken the time to put brush to resin and prepare an entry.  As we won’t be judging the entries until Tuesday (thanks in part to an imminent snowstorm of epic proportion), we’re extending the contest an extra day to give any final stragglers a chance to finish up and get their entry in.  Submit by the end of the day Monday – you can possibly push your luck to Tuesday morning, but no guarantees – and we’ll get your entry into the competition.  Check back in a few days to see the winners, and to witness the arrival of Krampus…

Time is rapidly ticking down to the deadline for BrushOff! 2013 entries.  Winners not only get their hands on a UMW shop gift certificate, but also TWO free packs of models – Hybrids (a 2014 release) and our spectacular holiday Krampus (to be released next week – we’ll post a painted preview soon).  The number of entries so far this year is disappointingly low – all it takes is one painted pack!



Wow, November already!  We’ve been so busy preparing Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten that the date snuck up on us: it’s time for another edition of BrushOff!

Just to keep things interesting, and to keep you painters on your toes, we’ve shaken up the categories once again this year:

  • Any single Uncle Mike’s Worldwide miniature pack.  This includes all our 1-3 model bags as well as the boxed sets (Dark Puppeteer, Crypt, Godling).
  • In celebration of the release of VUK, show us your cult!  This entry may feature any number of models, but it must be a functioning cult list.  Other manufacturer’s models are acceptable, but may constitute no more than 1/3rd of the total figures.

Paint up your entry, take a photo (sized no larger than 1024×768 please – and take your time, as a good photo of a decent paintjob often trumps a bad photo of a great one!) and either submit it to or post it in the BrushOff! 2013 thread at the Lead Adventure Forum.  If your entry meets the contest requirements, we’ll post it into the Gallery posthaste, where you can view it along with the competition.  Past year’s entries are also on display for your viewing pleasure.  You may enter as many times as you like, and may double-enter the models from your cult as single packs if you so choose.  However, be aware that we won’t award a prize to the same model twice…

Now, on to the meat of the matter – prizes!  We’ll be awarding UMW webstore gift certificates to two entries per category: $30 for first place, $15 for second.  All winners will also receive a pack of currently unreleased models when they claim their bounty.  What models might these be, you ask?  Expect a preview at the mid-point of the competition, which is a mere two weeks away.  We’re off to a slightly late start, and it seems nasty to end a contest right in the middle of a perfectly good painting weekend, so we’ll set the close at 11:59PM MDT on December 1st.

Now get ye painting, and may the best brusher prevail!


VUKAfter three years of public beta and extensive playtesting, the final edition of Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten is finally ready to be unleashed upon the world.  Based on the same mechanics as Strange Aeons, this standalone game of inter-cult strife is now available as a 110-page PDF rulebook from our online store.

Each player in VUK recruits their own nefarious cult to seek the favour of the darkest of masters.  As you attempt to rise to power and glory, you’ll do battle with other cults along the way, accumulating all variety of eldritch resources and new allies to aid you.  A typical cult will contain 6-10 models, so while a little larger than Strange Aeons, this remains a skirmish game at heart and can be easily played in a spare hour on your kitchen table.

If you previously played the public beta edition of Kulten, you’ll find a wealth of new content in this final release.  Along with revisions to the core content, there’s an additional cult (the foul Dunwich Folk), Territories to offer considerable variety to your post-game experience, random events, Threshold interventions, and last but not least a fresh (and very stylish) look with a wealth of brand new artwork.

Cult of the Black Goat members should note that this final edition is virtually identical to the version you received as part of your cult package, save the addition of some new artwork, a colour cover, and minor tweaks to some of the text (including a reward change for “The Chained Coffin”).  We’ll be sending out this new edition to you free of charge shortly, and the document will also be included with all new cult memberships.  If you’re not a cult member and looking to buy the book, consider purchasing a lifetime membership instead: along with the Kulten PDF, you’ll receive a spiffy t-shirt, newsletters with experimental rules and previews, and free miniatures!

Today also marks the release of the first two Favour Scenarios for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten.  We’ll aim to put at least one of these out every 6-8 weeks for the foreseeable future.  For now, take a gander at The Boneyard and Rough Magik.  You can also download these documents (and a brand new Cult Log Sheet) from the Resources page.

A final note: we’ve already received several questions about a printed edition of Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten.  At the present time, we have no plans to do a conventional print run – barring exceptional demand, this will remain a PDF-only product.  We can only have so many books in print at a time, and after much deliberation have elected to keep our resources freed up for other projects in the pipeline.

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