Black Goat Autumn Newsletter

It’s the equinox, which means a fresh issue of our newsletter Fhtagn! has been distributed to members of The Cult of the Black Goat, featuring all sorts of hidden secrets about the 2nd Edition, and a sneak preview of some of our Kickstarter stretch goals. If you’re a member and didn’t receive an issue, please check your spam folders. If it’s not there, then send us an email at and we’ll get that sorted out posthaste.

Not a member of the Cult yet? You can purchase a membership though our upcoming Kickstarter at the reduced price of $50. However, should you wish to qualify for the top-secret extra bonus we’ve just revealed to our Cultists and get your hands on your member package immediately rather than waiting until next year for your Kickstarter bundle, you have only one week left to buy a standard Membership from our webstore. Remember, Cult of the Black Goat Memberships are good for a lifetime!

Miniature Preview #1

As promised, it’s time for a first look at some of the new miniature offerings we have lined up for the 2nd Edition Kickstarter.  All our miniatures are hand-crafted from solid resin in Uncle Mike’s Secret Lab.

We’ll be packaging models up in two different bundle sizes: Boxes and Boosters. Today we’ll take a look at the Starter Box and the Cult Booster.

Featuring four intrepid Threshold Agents, a Cult Leader and four Cultists, one Fishman, the horrifying Formless Thing and a set of four Objective Markers, the Starter Box has everything you’ll need to get your first Threshold Squad formed up and into action!

As a Threshold team gains experience, they’ll find themselves facing larger and better armed forces of Cultists, like those featured in the Cult Booster.  This pack adds plenty of options and flexibility for assembling your Lurker lists.

These are just two of the miniature package that will be available at the outset of the Kickstarter campaign.  We have plenty more lined up as Stretch Goals, plus the additional models we’ll be showing you next week.

One additional bit of information to share today: in preparation for the Kickstarter, we’ve suspended sales of our old miniature line.  The online shop is still open for PDF and Black Goat Membership sales, but only until the Kickstarter launches on October 1st.  At that point, only the 1st Edition Rulebook will remain available – all other PDFs will be discontinued.  Black Goat Memberships will be available for purchase through the Kickstarter.  However, those that have signed up for the Cult prior to October 1st will receive an additional extra-special, top-secret bonus if they back the Kickstarter…

Two Weeks to Launch

A mere 14 days remaining until the 2nd Edition Kickstarter launches!  We’re still hard at work getting everything ready to roll, but it’s all right on schedule and coming together beautifully.

We seem to have attracted some unwanted interest though, as this shady character has been seen lurking outside the UMW Laboratory.  Perhaps we can get a better look at him later this week…

A New Age Dawns!

Welcome to our updated website: a new look for a new edition!  After a week of cryptic images, it’s time to share some details of Strange Aeons – 2nd Edition, which will be heading to Kickstarter on October 1st.   Today we’ve released general information about the hows and whys, along with some specific info about the new rulebook.  Check back next Friday for a first look at some of our new miniature offerings!

Social Aeons & More…

Despite our generally technophobic nature, Uncle Mike’s Worldwide does have a presence on Facebook (/StrangeAeonsGame) and Twitter (@UMWGames).  If you haven’t already followed/liked us, you may want to consider it, just in case some sort of preview campaign were to get underway soonish…


Don’t worry if you’re disinclined to the world of social media.  There will continue to be plenty of updates via this site and Lead Adventure Forum.

Updates from the Front…

Yikes, almost August already?  Time sure flies when you’re assembling the biggest event in the history of your company…

A few things to fill you all in on:

  • The Strange Aeons Core Rulebook is sold out, and will be available in PDF format only until 2nd Edition ships next year.  This also means the Bundle of the Beast is no longer available, as only Morbid Adventures and Shocking Tales #3 remain in stock.
  • 2nd Edition development is cruising along nicely.  We continue to tweak, refine and build on our current playtest edition.
  • The Kickstarter campaign remains on target for Q4, and will feature both a new rulebook (currently looking to be at least double the size of the old edition) and a revised miniature line with a substantial number of brand new sculpts.  Depending on what we hit for stretch goals, we also plan to offer some cool new game aids.
  • We’re endeavouring to put all the pieces in place to offer VAT and duty-free shipping for backers in Canada, the USA and EU.

Right, back into the lab – we still have a lot to do!

Morbidly Curious?

After reviewing our stock levels, we’ve decided to slash the price of the printed edition of Morbid Adventures, our Strange Aeons scenario compilation, to $16 from it’s original price of $24.95.  The price of the Bundle of the Beast, which contains Morbid Adventures along with the Core Rulebook and Shocking Tales #3, has been reduced to $60 accordingly.

Nefarious Plots Afoot!

It’s high time to let out our little secret and explain why we’ve been cloistered away of late: we’re hard at work developing Strange Aeons – 2nd Edition!  More details will be forthcoming over the next few months, but here’s a quick summary of the basics:

  • 2nd Edition will consolidate and refine existing rules as well as introduce new content
  • We’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the book along with new models and accessories in Q4 of this year
  • Release is targeted for Q2 2015

1st Edition rules will remain available in the interim.  We’ve reduced the price of the PDF Rulebook to $20, and the PDF rules bundle to $60.  Prices for the printed rules will remain unchanged, as supplies are limited – one of the many reasons we’re moving forward on 2nd Edition.  We’ll keep you updated over the course of the summer!

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