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Yule Be Afraid!

How time flies! 2016 is almost at an end and the festive season is upon us. Regardless of who you are or what you believe; most folk enjoy gathering together with like-minded types, drinking strange concoctions, eating unusual fare and listening to awful seasonal music. We push these activities to the limit with this month’s releases.
The Summoning Box provides all you will ever need to throw that unforgettable party that your guests won’t be able to stop screaming about. Gather together around the time worn Obelisk with your Serpentmen friends in an evening of ethereal flouting (with the Servitor) and muffled shouting (thanks to the Captive Agents). If the stars are right on that special night, some fear can be spread by the Summoned Tentacles or the always hungry Scrawny Ones.
Not to ruin the holiday mood, but have you ever thrown a party and no one came? Disappointing, we know. Make sure your next festival is a hit by packing the proceedings with one of each Cultist model we make. A versatile assortment of evil including: Cult Leader and Cultists each with Knife, Handgun, Tommy Gun, Shotgun, Bolt-Action Rifle and Wrecking Hammer.


Ah, October, the gentle sounds of falling leaves, the autumnal colours and who, in their innermost horrible heart doesn’t long for Halloween? The month of the year when all the weirdos do whatever weird stuff they do and, being weird sorts here at Uncle Mikes Worldwide, why should we be any different?  Indeed, being the crazy types we purport to be we should, in fact, double our efforts in this most shocking of months. And why stop at doubling? Why not four new releases! Madness, sheer madness! But what better time than now to release these gigantic lurkers…

The Conqueror Worm is a ferocious burrowing beast with a number of unsettling habits, such as launching foul expectorate at any Agents who get too close and disgorging Grave Grubs when wounded.  Three Grave Grubs are also included.

The Deep One will help scratch that ichthyic itch of yours, and by ‘scratch’ we mean ‘rip apart’. The same monstrous model from the Innsmouth Box now available individually. Don’t pass up this piscine predator!

The Shoggoth is an imposing Lurker not only due to its size but the unsettling amount of eyes and mouths that seem to constantly bubble forth as it oozes relentlessly forward, looking and tasting as it goes.

Tentacles are a great, low cost way to really come to grips with the opponent. Summon a few in your next game; piercing the veil between realities has never been so fun! Three Tentacles are included for thrice the madness!


Smell the Rancorous Horror…and Value!

Looks like July is going to be a bumper month, with several new releases for Strange Aeons. First up is the Graveyard Box, a ghoulish value for those looking to have a suitable stable of Undead Lurkers at their disposal. Not to mention a few handy, if a bit horrific, pieces of scenery to help set that ominous mood. This box contains plenty of Lurkers at an assortment of points values making it a worthy addition to any cryptic collection.

Also available are our Limited Edition Flipbooks. These game aids proved quite popular with our Kickstarter backers and it has been said that they are Uncle Mikes favourite game aids for Strange Aeons, combining all relevant gaming information with a compact, easily accessible package they are a must have item for all serious players! Supplies are limited however, so get yours now before they are gone…or you can always get the PDF version for your handheld device if you like. Either way, get yours today!

World Still Spinning!

Uncle Mike looked up from his pile of post-kickstarter work and realised he hadn’t updated the website in a while…time goes by so fast when you are busily mucking in a clandestine lab with no windows. He reached out an aged claw, crusted with paint and resin and began typing.

Updates will be few and far between for the next little bit, several exciting (yet ‘not-to-be-named’) things are going on and I can’t say much, other than they are occupying most of my time at the moment. All webstore stuff is working and orders are still being shipped out within 2-4 days of the order being placed as well as UMW ramping up for convention season. More news on that at some future, unspecified time…