Progress & Pre-Orders

Wow, what happened to November?  You’d think things might slow down a bit after a month of Kickstarter insanity, but we’ve had plenty to keep us busy in the immediate aftermath of our very successful campaign.  And seeing as we failed to post it here at the conclusion: our final total, including some late PayPal contributions, tallied up to over $58,500!

Uncle Mike has sequestered himself in his secret lab to get it ready for mass production, and is already churning out fresh molds in preparation for an onslaught of resin pouring.  By our current estimates, we have something in the neighbourhood of 14,000 models to make!

Speaking of estimates, we’re able to make pretty accurate ones thanks to the over 200 backers that have already filled out their pledge manager survey.  This makes our job substantially easy, and we’re most grateful for the speedy responses.  If you backed the campaign and never received an invitation to the pledge manager, head to the login page and enter the email address you used for Kickstarter (or sent us a PayPal pledge with) to get yourself started.

Missed the campaign altogether?  Fear not – you can place a pre-order!  Pre-order customers have access to all the rulebooks, miniatures and game aids we released during the Kickstarter (less stretch bonus models, of course), and can benefit from flat-rate shipping, plus no taxes or duties for those in Canada, the USA and EU.  Pre-orders are handled through our pledge management site, and will not be charged until we lockdown orders in April 2015.