I’m O.K. You’re O.K.

After a very busy year, in fact the busiest year that the boys and ghouls at Uncle Mike’s Worldwide have ever had, things are beginning to return to normal…Whatever ‘normal’ is around here anyway. The Kickstarter for Second Edition Strange Aeons has been completed and shipped out with orders being received even now by shadowy figures all around the globe. Thanks to those of you who supported us and if you didn’t; now is a great time to get onboard!

We will be releasing the products offered on the Kickstarter, beginning with the Rulebook, Starter Box and Template set. As well as two card decks:  the Twisted Fate Deck and Solo Deck. More boxed sets will follow the initial release. All sets from the Kickstarter will eventually see release as well as some new boxed sets. But enough about that…

Now that my model making duties have lessened and I am free to leave the basement laboratory and stalk the upside world, that is exactly what I’m gonna do! The Strange Aeons Demo Team rides again this coming year! Look for us at conventions and game stores trying to remember all the new rules and playing as many games as humanly possible.

For more information and discussion of rules why not visit:  http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?board=45.0


Best Regards,

Uncle Mike