Smell the Rancorous Horror…and Value!

Looks like July is going to be a bumper month, with several new releases for Strange Aeons. First up is the Graveyard Box, a ghoulish value for those looking to have a suitable stable of Undead Lurkers at their disposal. Not to mention a few handy, if a bit horrific, pieces of scenery to help set that ominous mood. This box contains plenty of Lurkers at an assortment of points values making it a worthy addition to any cryptic collection.

Also available are our Limited Edition Flipbooks. These game aids proved quite popular with our Kickstarter backers and it has been said that they are Uncle Mikes favourite game aids for Strange Aeons, combining all relevant gaming information with a compact, easily accessible package they are a must have item for all serious players! Supplies are limited however, so get yours now before they are gone…or you can always get the PDF version for your handheld device if you like. Either way, get yours today!