Ah, October, the gentle sounds of falling leaves, the autumnal colours and who, in their innermost horrible heart doesn’t long for Halloween? The month of the year when all the weirdos do whatever weird stuff they do and, being weird sorts here at Uncle Mikes Worldwide, why should we be any different?  Indeed, being the crazy types we purport to be we should, in fact, double our efforts in this most shocking of months. And why stop at doubling? Why not four new releases! Madness, sheer madness! But what better time than now to release these gigantic lurkers…

The Conqueror Worm is a ferocious burrowing beast with a number of unsettling habits, such as launching foul expectorate at any Agents who get too close and disgorging Grave Grubs when wounded.  Three Grave Grubs are also included.

The Deep One will help scratch that ichthyic itch of yours, and by ‘scratch’ we mean ‘rip apart’. The same monstrous model from the Innsmouth Box now available individually. Don’t pass up this piscine predator!

The Shoggoth is an imposing Lurker not only due to its size but the unsettling amount of eyes and mouths that seem to constantly bubble forth as it oozes relentlessly forward, looking and tasting as it goes.

Tentacles are a great, low cost way to really come to grips with the opponent. Summon a few in your next game; piercing the veil between realities has never been so fun! Three Tentacles are included for thrice the madness!