2nd Edition Miniatures

Along with the revised rules, we’ve revised our miniature line. The quality of our models has increased over time, and we want everything we offer to be up to the same standard. Each existing sculpt was thus re-evaluated with a critical eye. We discontinued all the figures we felt weren’t up to snuff, and commissioned a new series to not only replace those we’d eliminated, but also provide figures for profiles we’d either never previously offered or are making their first appearance here in 2nd Edition.

Sculpted by an extremely talented crew, including Kyla Richards, Justin McKenzie, the legendary Bob Murch, Iain Colwell and some pieces created by Uncle Mike himself, our model line has come a long way since its 2009 inception, and we believe the new models we’re offering in this campaign are our strongest ever.

As always, all of Uncle Mike’s solid resin models are produced in-house, allowing us to keep a close and personal eye on the quality of every figure. We’ve also begun adding colour tint to our resin. This has the benefit of making the detail on unpainted models much easier to see, and also makes the figures more attractive for use unpainted in the event players aren’t interested in picking up a brush.

But on to the meat of the matter: what models are available? For purposes of the Kickstarter and pre-orders, miniatures are packaged in two different sizes: Boosters, which are usually focused on one specific model type, or even just one large model, and Boxes, which contain a large selection of themed models or scenery.  Most Boxes are planned for eventual retail release, but Miniature Boosters are a Kickstarter/Pre-order-Only product, though the models contained in them are likely to appear in future Box releases.

Here’s what the campaign succeeded in unlocking.  Note that all Stretch Goal Bonus models are only available to Kickstarter backers, and will not be included in pre-order purchases.

The Cult Booster contains a Cult Leader (modelled on the nefarious Aleister Crowley) and his entourage of Cultists, armed with knife, pistol, rifle, shotgun, tommy gun and sledge hammer.  Cultists are among the most inexpensive and versatile profiles in the Lurker arsenal, and are always handy for filling in gaps in your lists.  Cult Leaders have the lowest point cost of any Lurker with the Command ability, which allows them to activate extra models on your turn – tactically an absolute must!  This Booster has been Upgraded with a FREE ‘Murderous Midget‘, usable as Cultist or Tcho-Tcho.

The Beast Booster includes an assortment of animals of varying intelligence to add either numbers or muscle to your Lurker force.  While Beasts can’t carry weapons or help with tasks that require brain power, they typically bring a hard hit for a low point cost, and are less susceptible the the vagaries of psychology than Human Cultists.  Missing Links are a moderate cost monster with a strong close combat attack and the ability to inspire dread in Threshold’s ranks.  Giant Vermin offer an inexpensive yet effective punch, and Swarms are perfect when you want to overwhelm Threshold with numbers. This Booster has been Upgraded with three FREE Grubs!

Every player will need a band of valiant Threshold operatives, and the Threshold Booster provides five potential heroes to build your squad with.  We’ve also included a trio of Children, who will be required for certain Scenarios and Sub-objectives you will encounter.  This Booster has been Upgraded with a FREE Special Weapon Agent, toting a fearsome prototype Hand Cannon.

The Deep One Booster includes a single monstrous Deep One model, otherwise only available in the Innsmouth Box.  Deep Ones are a moderate cost monster with a brutal close combat capability, balanced out by unpredictable movement capability.  They are, however, quite at home in watery terrain…  This Booster has been Upgraded with a FREE Kickstarter-exclusive Submerged Deep One, handy for representing this benthic behemoth while in his element.

The Tentacle Booster contains three enormous Tentacles, also available as an element of the Summoning Box.  Tentacles are an immobile monster with a long reach, and can either by purchased by the Lurker player for their list or may sometimes appear as the result of certain Scenario conditions.

The Conqueror Worm Booster introduces a monster brand-new to the 2nd Edition.  Conqueror Worms are one of the fiercest adversaries Threshold can face, and will test the mettle of even experienced squads. This Booster has been Upgraded with three FREE Grubs, which will burst forth from the Worm when it is wounded.

The Dark Puppeteer Booster contains one of our largest models at a steal of a price, and includes a clear acrylic ‘flight’ stand and scenic base.  Dark Puppeteers are a high-cost model that can influence and take over the minds of Threshold operatives.

The Shoggoth Booster offers up an iconic Lovecraftian horror.  This high-value beast has the capacity to absorb the essence of its victims, and can harness that reserve to activate special abilities.

The Undead Booster offers up a variety of decaying graveyard types.  Ancient Warriors are your classic animated skeleton, offering an implacable and hard-to-shoot foe for a low point cost.  The Conglomerate is a moderately priced construct, stitched together from whatever body parts could be found, that utilizes its extra limbs and heightened metabolism to gain extra Actions each turn.  The Mummy is the ultimate authority among the Undead, and makes up for slow speed with toughness and the ability to Command other models.  Zombies are the ultimate in cheap fodder – slow but terrifying and hard to keep down!

Our Kickstarter campaign also offers a number of free bonus models to backers at the Agent pledge level and above (this includes Early Birds).  Those Backers will be receiving an Exorcist Special Agent, particularly skilled at combating Ghosts and Daemons, the fearsome Maniac, easily the most brutal and frightening of Human Lurkers, and the creepily quaint Halloween bonus Pickman’s Pumpkin Patch with scenery elements to give your table that little extra something.  Backed below the Agent level?  You’ll still have a chance to upgrade your pledge through the Pledge Manager until April 6th.

Within the Starter Box you’ll find everything you need to get you into Strange Aeons!  Four Agent models provide you with a selection of models to build your Threshold squad.  Facing them down are an assortment of Lurkers with a range of abilities and point values that will keep you covered while contending against new to moderately experienced Threshold squads.  Cultists are the backbone of any Lurker force, while a Cult Leader provides you with a vital Commander.  A Fishman brings a tougher adversary with a formidable close combat attack, and the Formless Thing can take on a Threshold squad single-pseudopoded!  Also included are a set of Objective Markers, useful in many Scenarios.  This Booster has been Upgraded with a FREE ‘Murderous Midget‘, usable as Cultist or Tcho-Tcho.  The Starter Box will be our first retail release.

The Innsmouth Box offers up all the denizens of Devil Reef and surrounding environs, in all their various shapes, sizes and states of development.  Low-cost Hybrids are just beginning their transformation, and while fairly weak are also virtually indistinguishable from innocent civilians, forcing Threshold to exercise caution when engaging.  Moderately-priced Fishmen are more powerful, capable of tearing an unarmoured Agent to pieces in close combat, and the Fishman Demagogue provides some leadership capability to his comrades with the Command ability.  The Deep One is the true monstrosity of the set, packing an enormous physical punch, but at a higher point cost.  This Box has been Upgraded with a FREE Submerged Deep One.

The Graveyard Box contains all the denizens of the charnel house, whether living, dead, or somewhere inbetween…  Gibbering Ghouls skulk amongst the graves, scavenging what they can find – digging is their specialty, and very handy for desecrating graves.  Zombies lurch about, slow but horrifying and dangerous (and cheap!).  Zombie Dogs are faster, but there’s little holding them together.  A Mad Scientist hunts for fresh materials, physically weak but able to both Command other Lurkers and potentially augment the dead with his ingenious and unethical concoctions.  Speaking of, a perfect injection has transformed a Zombie into a monstrous Blasphemous Construct, which is going to present Threshold with some serious trouble (you may also purchase this profile directly, if you have the points to cover his high cost).  Alongside is a trusty Henchman, somewhat more reliable than your common Cultist.  A Banshee haunts the far corner of the yard, searching for her mortal remains and striking terror into human hearts with her rending screams.  This set also includes a set of atmospheric Graves and a Crypt & Chained Coffin, which is not only great-looking, but handy for one of the core Scenarios!  This Box has been upgraded with a FREE Kickstarter-Exclusive Ghostly Girl.

There’s some strange goings on at the old stone Obelisk up on the hill, and it’s all here in the Summoning Box!  The perpetrators appear to be a trio of Serpentmen, uttering strange incantations in their strange, sibilant tongue – these are some of the least expensive spellcasters in the game.  They have two Captive Agents that appear destined for a very unpleasant end.  If the Serpents are successful in opening a gate, any number of things could burst forth!  Massive Tentacles may spring from the ground, shooting out to snatch up Agents.  Sinister Scrawny Ones – fragile and inexpensive but insatiably ravenous – may swallow Agents whole, a fate from which there is no hope of return.  And the unearthly piping of a moderately priced Servitor could attract the attention of an even greater Daemon if it isn’t stopped!  This Box has been Upgraded with a FREE Kickstarter-exclusive High Priestess, a powerful Human spellcaster with Command capability.

The Arcane Relics Box is a collection of powerful artifacts and devices, some incomprehensibly old, others the creations of science gone wrong.  Arcane Relics can be purchased by the Lurker player as desired, and introduce new and unique mechanics to the scenario they are deployed in.  Supplicants at The Damned Altar can be blessed or entirely transformed into Damned Souls with a sufficient offering (don’t offer too little though, or you may not like the results).  Turning on The Resonator will begin to summon Ether Beings (sculpted by our good friend Bob Murch), the simple touch of which may remove the victim from our reality entirely.  A coven of Witches and their foul Familiars can focus their powers through a Cauldron, unlocking new incantations not available through the spell list.  Witches and Familiars can also be fielded individually in any game, whether the Cauldron is present or not, and provide a unique and characterful set of spells.  And performing The King in Yellow not only sows chaos, but may lead to the arrival of the King himself if the final act can be completed!  This Box has been Upgraded with a FREE Kickstarter-exclusive additional Ether Being.

The Lair of Cthulhu Box is strictly a scenery set (though there are a few Scenarios that call for a Crypt on the table), and features the Bob Murch-sculpted Crypt of Cthulhu with removable roof and fully detailed interior.  This Box has been upgraded with a FREE Kickstarter-Exclusive Pickman’s Pumpkin Patch.



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