The Game

The Story

The history you know is only a fraction of the truth. A truth so black and frightening it was decided that for reasons of national security it should be forever hidden from the public…until now.

September 1920: President Woodrow Wilson, in failing health following a failed assassination attempt by members of the nefarious Cult of the Black Goat, forms an elite governmental taskforce to address the threat. Its codename is Threshold. Among the first recruits are law enforcement officers, military personnel, scientists, archaeologists, doctors, librarians and regular civilians. All applicants have been thoroughly screened: mentally, physically and spiritually. Agents are given Double Black security clearance and rigorous training in self-defense, firearms, arrest theory and the occult.

Within months, newly trained Threshold Agents are placed into society and given assignments, protecting an unknowing humanity from forces so dark, ancient and alien that to comprehend them would surely mean madness…and to fail, absolute destruction…

What happens next is uncertain…but whatever the outcome, the future lies in your hands.


Strange Aeons is a tabletop miniature skirmish game, wherein one player takes control of a band of heroic Threshold operatives and the other player acts as the evil Lurkers. Games of Strange Aeons are based in a roughly historical setting sometime after 1920 and can take place anywhere in the world.

Designed for use with 28-32mm scale miniatures (though smaller scales work as well), each game of Strange Aeons plays in 30-60 minutes and typically requires only 4-10 models per player. And with a standard board area of only 2’ x 3’ (approx. 60 x 90cm), all else you need to play is the rulebook, some dice, a tape measure, a kitchen table and a box of scenery. An option-filled advancement system matched against Lurker lists built-to-order each game from a selection of over 50 unique monster profiles couples with a broad range of scenario options to provide nearly infinite replay value.

Journey into fear…and beyond madness!

A Miniature Skirmish Game of Eldritch Horror