2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition Kickstarter campaign ran from October 1st through November 2nd, and was an overwhelming success, raising over $57,500!  Here’s some explanation as to what we did and why we did it.

I Missed the Kickstarter Campaign!  Can I Still Purchase 2nd Edition?

You can still get in on the  Pre-order, which runs until April 6th and features the majority of the products offered through the Kickstarter, at the same prices and with flat-rate EU-friendly shipping.

After April 6th, we’ll open up a second pre-order window for Rulebooks and a limited number of retail-packaged products, with other products released over the course of the next year or so.  Note that all orders placed post-April 6th will ship from Canada, which means higher rates and possible import duties, so taking advantage of the early pre-order is best for customers in other countries.

Why Publish a 2nd Edition?

It’s hard to believe the original release of Strange Aeons was nearly five years ago. In the miniature gaming world, that’s a long time for a product to stand unaltered. We’re of the firm belief that you don’t update until you absolutely have to, and with our existing rules now spread across five volumes, plus five years of unused ideas rolling about in our heads to boot, the time has finally come to issue an updated edition of the game.

What’s Included, and What’s Changing?

Strange Aeons 2nd Edition will include all the core rules from the 1st Edition combined with the additional rules, scenarios and Lurkers that appeared in Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem and Morbid Adventures. Basically, everything that wasn’t part of a Black Dossier has been crammed into one jam-packed volume of eldritch miniature madness! All of these rules have been reviewed, revised and streamlined where appropriate to improve the flow of the game, balance, replayability, and ease of comprehension for new players.

“But is there any new stuff?”, you ask? Of course! Being avid gamers ourselves, we don’t like buying an ‘updated’ product with no new content any more than you do. Strange Aeons 2nd Edition features a wealth of new and revised content, including:

  • Expanded Master Weapons List with rebalanced stats and costs
  • A doubled selection of Special Gear
  • More Special Agents, which are now easier to recruit
  • Multi-tiered Promotion system, with expanded game size for veteran Threshold squads
  • Skills have been expanded and revised to provide a much broader selection and a greater sense of character customization
  • Many brand new Lurker profiles, plus rebalanced costs for existing Lurkers
  • New terrain rules, including water, snow and ice

And we’re adding yet more as playtesting progresses. It really is a whole new game!

Learn more about the 2nd Edition Rulebook

Why Kickstarter?

For a number of reasons, the Kickstarter funding model is a great fit for Strange Aeons:

First, it lets us know exactly how many books to print and models to produce, which in the past has been a somewhat unpredictable guessing game that left us in an endless cycle of reprints and temporarily unavailable titles.

Second, the rapidly increasing cost of shipping is making our old system of releasing a new model every few months impractical, as frequent small purchases make little sense economically; most players would prefer to bundle their products and save on shipping. Releasing a large portion of the product line in one fell swoop really makes a great deal of sense, both for us as the producer and you as the consumer.

Third, we very much want to maintain Uncle Mike’s Worldwide as a fully independent game manufacturer with a strong and immediate connection to our player base, and funding products directly through you is the best way to achieve that goal.

Will the Kickstarter and later pre-sales be EU-Friendly?

An enormous proportion of the Strange Aeons player base resides in the EU, and we want you to be able to enjoy the game without having to worry about a massive VAT bill when your package arrives.  We are therefore shipping all Kickstarter pledges – and pre-orders placed before the cut off date (April 6th, 2015) through regional fulfillment services. This will allow backers in Canada, the US and EU to receive their packages free of taxes and duties.

Were any items exclusive to the Kickstarter?

Along with some exclusive bonus models that appeared as Stretch Goals, we have a few items that will only be available to Kickstarter backers, including a limited edition bookplate.  Some models that were introduced as bonuses but not marked Kickstarter Exclusive may appear in future as part of other releases.

How does pre-ordering work?

You can place a pre-order through our BackerKit page, the same system that handles our pledge management.  Prices are the same per-item as they were through the Kickstarter, and we have a discounted bundle available for those that want the works.  Also, pre-orders will not be charged until April 6th, when we lock down our initial wave of orders.  While pre-order customers will have to pay a shipping fee (a flat rate of $15 for those in Canada, the USA and UK, $20 in France and Germany, and $25 elsewhere), they will still benefit from tax/duty-free shipping for orders placed before April 6th.

Can I pay by PayPal?

While the Pledge Manager doesn’t accept PayPal, we’ll be able to process PayPal payments externally and manually set you up with a credit in the Pledge Manager.  Contact us at pledge@strange-aeons.ca to get started (PayPal payments should be directed to payments@unclemikesworldwide.com).

Can Kickstarter backers add more money or upgrade pledge levels through the Pledge Manager?

Yes, you can easily add more items to your order, and the pledge manager will handle the charges for the difference (payable by credit card on the lockdown date of April 6th).  Upgrading pledges has proved a little sticky, so we’ve disabled the automatic option through the manager and are handling upgrades manually.  If you’d like to upgrade, please send an email to us at pledge@strange-aeons.ca to work out the details.

Is the miniature line also changing?

Yes, we’ve revised and repackaged our line of resin models, keeping only the best of our existing sculpts and commissioning new ones for those we felt weren’t up to the standard we’ve set in recent years.

Learn more about 2nd Edition Miniatures

Are there any benefits for Cult of the Black Goat members?

Of course!  All Cult members that backed the Kickstarter at any pledge level including a printed Rulebook ($40 and up) will be receiving a miniature package containing this year’s Cult-exclusive model – The Watcher – next year’s model (to be revealed in March), AND a special Kickstarter-exclusive bonus model, the Flamethrower Cultist.

Cultists that back through pre-order prior to April 6th, 2015 will receive a Watcher and the 2015 Cult Model with their purchase.  After April 6th, the Watcher will no longer be available.

When will 2nd Edition be available?

Our targeted release for Kickstarter and the initial pre-order is August 2015. Orders from the second, limited pre-order will ship after the initial wave has been fulfilled.  After all that’s out the door, we’ll shift back to conventional website sales.

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