2nd Edition Rulebook/Accessories

Based on our current playtest version, the new edition of Strange Aeons will be at least 180 pages – more than double the size of the 1st Edition! And this is almost entirely game-usable content. We plan to include a section outlining the history of the Threshold Agency, and possibly some additional ‘flavour’ content, but apart from these elements, the book will be all meat, no filler.

The cover art is not finalized, but this is our current mockup based on our new visual style:

While we’ll be redesigning the interior of the book completely, we’re sticking with the size and format of our very well-received 1st Edition: full colour throughout on sturdy paper, with a heavy cardstock cover and coil binding. This last item has, we feel, become a signature of our products, and really does make referencing the book while playing considerably easier than the more conventional perfect-binding. Also, we’re maintaining our high standard for interior artwork.  Check out some of these great new pieces we’ll be featuring:

Elder Thing, by Toren Atkinson

Elder Thing Trans Shaded

Shambler, by Nick Gucker


Wolfman, by Nat Jones


Along with these fantastic artists, we also have contributions from Riley Rossmo, Matteo Bocci, Mike Perry, Brant Benoit and Melvin de Voor. Each rulebook purchased through Kickstarter will also include an exclusive bookplate featuring art by comic legend Nat Jones (Death Dealer, ’68).



The anticipated MSRP of the Rulebook is $40, but this is subject to change once we determine the final printing costs.  And by popular demand, we’re embracing the digital age: the rulebook is also available in PDF format right from the get-go ($25), and a complimentary PDF is included with all printed Rulebooks sold via the Kickstarter, pre-order, or directly through our website.

We also have some useful game aids and extra Strange Aeons-themed goodies available as part of the Kickstarter campaign and pre-order:

The Flipbooks Booster offers a pair of pocket-sized quick references – one each for Threshold and Lurkers – to place all the key information you need during a game right at your fingertips.  Also included are blank log sheets and notes pages to keep track of your exploits.  A PDF version, sized optimally for viewing on handheld device screens, is included with the Booster at no additional cost.  At this stage, we are uncertain about retail availability of the Flipbooks.  This is dependent on the final production cost and size of the initial print run.


The Template Set includes two large translucent acrylic Templates – Blast and Spray – to represent the area effect of certain weapons, spells and abilities.  The Tokens are used for tracking ongoing effects in the game, as well as marking out objectives, searched areas, or anything else that may come up.  Here’s a look at the prototype sample of the templates and tokens.  There are a few glitches to clear up before production, but overall we’re extremely pleased with how these have turned out:

Template-Blast Template-Spray Tokens

The Card Deck Booster contains two decks of 54 poker-sized cards, printed on high quality cardstock.  Deck 1 is the Solo Play Deck, which allows one player to take the field against a ‘simulated’ Lurker opponent through use of an Action Card mechanic.  Deck 2 is the Twisted Fate Deck, and enhanced version of a very limited-edition product we originally released in 2010.  Fate Cards bring an element of the unexpected to the game, allowing players to spring bonuses and penalties on their opponent at the most (in)opportune moments.  Also included to round out this second deck are two sets of 5 Zener Cards for activation of Psychic Powers.

Both the Template Set (MSRP $25) and Card Decks (packaged separately, MSRP $14 each) are planned for immediate retail release after Kickstarter fulfillment is complete.

And Kickstarter backers will have access to two stylish and exclusive offerings, featuring art by Toren Atkinson and Mike Perry.  Both shirts are available in men’s (S-5X) and women’s (S-3X) sizes.

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