Special Pre-release Offer

We’re now officially taking pre-orders for the Strange Aeons rulebook and first five packs of miniatures:

Limited Agent Lovecraft
Limited Agent Lovecraft
  • SA-002 Threshold Agents I
  • SA-003 Cultists I
  • SA-004 Fishmen
  • SA-005 Formless Thing
  • SA-006 Objective Markers

Check the Miniatures page for pictures of the figures, and the Shop page for pricing details and information on placing a preorder. We’re offering two special deals for preorder customers. First, you can get the entire bundle of initial releases at a discounted price, which is only available until July 24th. Second, the first 50 paid preorders will receive a free limited figure: Agent Lovecraft!

If you’re not sure about the game yet, make sure to try the Sample Game Kit for a chance to do battle with (or as – your choice!) nefarious cultists.

The Stars are Right!

Our first shipment of rulebooks has arrived!  The “official” release is scheduled for the end of July, but we’re going to start taking preorders as soon as possible.  Check back here July 1st for preorder info, plus a special announcement.

The first four months of miniature releases are set, and pictures of the painted models are now posted on the site.  There’s a few here that haven’t been released for public view before – enjoy!

Also check out our demo game package.  It includes everything you’ll need (apart from a few minis and dice) to try out a small game of Strange Aeons for yourself.

New Website

Welcome to our new website, which we hope you’ll agree is much nicer (and distinctly less 1998) than the old one.  What can we say – we’re more concerned about packing as many tentacles as we can into the game than we are about brushing up our HTML skills.

A Miniature Skirmish Game of Eldritch Horror