Progress & Pre-Orders

Wow, what happened to November?  You’d think things might slow down a bit after a month of Kickstarter insanity, but we’ve had plenty to keep us busy in the immediate aftermath of our very successful campaign.  And seeing as we failed to post it here at the conclusion: our final total, including some late PayPal contributions, tallied up to over $58,500!

Uncle Mike has sequestered himself in his secret lab to get it ready for mass production, and is already churning out fresh molds in preparation for an onslaught of resin pouring.  By our current estimates, we have something in the neighbourhood of 14,000 models to make!

Speaking of estimates, we’re able to make pretty accurate ones thanks to the over 200 backers that have already filled out their pledge manager survey.  This makes our job substantially easy, and we’re most grateful for the speedy responses.  If you backed the campaign and never received an invitation to the pledge manager, head to the login page and enter the email address you used for Kickstarter (or sent us a PayPal pledge with) to get yourself started.

Missed the campaign altogether?  Fear not – you can place a pre-order!  Pre-order customers have access to all the rulebooks, miniatures and game aids we released during the Kickstarter (less stretch bonus models, of course), and can benefit from flat-rate shipping, plus no taxes or duties for those in Canada, the USA and EU.  Pre-orders are handled through our pledge management site, and will not be charged until we lockdown orders in April 2015.

It’s the Great Pumpkin (Old One), Howard Phillips!

Halloween is our favourite holiday at the UMW Secret Lab, and it’s no coincidence that our campaign enters its final 48 hours on this most creepy and auspicious of days.  And we of course have a special treat for all of our ghouls, goblins, cultists and uhhh..  oh, that is a mask, right?  Those tentacles look so real…..

Ahem, moving on!  Open up those treat bags, because we have a special Halloween bonus for our Backers:

Kyla Richards sculpted up this deliciously evil jack-o-lantern and pumpkin patch, which we’ll be casting in ‘Ominous Orange’ and pairing up with Pickman’s Grave: a resurrected limited edition from Roctober 2010!  As you can see in the image, this is a completely free bonus for everyone pledging at the Agent level or higher, plus you can get an extra set with the Lair of Cthulhu Box.

Special Agents: Now on Duty

With PayPal pledges appended, we now stand well beyond the requirement for another Stretch Goal unlock!  We’ve now added a Special Weapon Agent to the Threshold Booster.  This model is still being sculpted, so you’ll have to make do with this concept image and a bit of imagination for the time being.

And we also have the Exorcist Special Agent selected by Backers in our recent poll.  Unfortunately, the artwork isn’t quite ready for a Halloween reveal, but we’ll have it out to everyone in an update as soon as it’s completed.

Backer Bonus Unlocked!

We’ve also cracked the required number of backers for the next Backer Count Bonus.  This means we’ll be adding some additional Lurker profiles to the Rulebook in the form of a Byakhee, Leng Spider, Re-Animated Limb and Thousand Young.  Factoring in PayPal support, the current backer count is actually over 290, which means we’re only a stone’s throw from a free Maniac!

Just a hair over two days to go!  Stick with us and watch the madness unfold as we power our way towards the end.

The End Days are Upon Us!

As of the time of this posting, less than 60 hours remain in the Kickstarter campaign.  Soon, 48-hour reminders will go out, and we’ll head into the homestretch.  A lot can happen during these closing days of a Kickstarter, and we may well find ourselves struggling to keep up!  With that in mind, a few notices, updates and bits of housekeeping:

FundaFull, who will be hosting our post-campaign Pledge Manager, have kindly provided us with a handy Pledge Calculator to help backers determine the appropriate amounts to cover all their desired add-ons.  You can check that out here.

New T-Shirt Design

We’ve introduced a second t-shirt design, this one created by artist Mike Perry.  Additionally, all shirts are now available in women’s fit, sizes S-3X!  We can’t get exactly the same shade of green for the Cult Fight shirt, but it looks pretty snazzy in the brighter ladies’ style too.

More Backer Count Stretch Goals!

After handing out a free Morbid Adventures PDF at 250 Backers, we’ve surged our way up in count quite rapidly.  It’s a great trend, and we’ve love to see it keep going and have even more new friends join in.  We’re therefore offering up an extended set of Stretch Goals based on the Backer Count, and we cracked another one while we were writing this update!

We have, in fact, also hit another Stretch Goal thanks to the addition of PayPal funding to the total, but more on that in the next post.  It’s going to be a busy last few days!

What Lurks in the Lair of Cthulhu?

With only a few days left in the Kickstarter campaign, the time has finally come to append our PayPal-based pledges to the total funding.  This brings us close to $46,000, which means we’ve unlocked another Stretch Goal!  Now available: the Lair of Cthulhu Box, featuring the Bob Murch-sculpted Crypt of Cthulhu.

This is strictly a scenery set, but there are a number of Scenarios in Strange Aeons that call for the presence of a crypt, and this one makes a fantastic centrepiece for those games.

As always, unlocking a Stretch Goal also means revealing a new one.  Or in this case, two.  We’ve had a number of questions from Backers about precisely what the total value of available goods will be, such that they can determine their optimum pledge level.  Well, now you can see all the Boxes and Boosters we anticipate having available at the end of the campaign on Sunday.

All Stretch Goals after the Daemon Box (egads, what IS that thing?) are planned as Upgrades, and we will not be releasing any further Boxes or Boosters barring an absolutely massive surge in late funding.  Let’s call $70,000 the earliest point at which you could potentially see a new product.

Hopefully this helps out those that have been uncertain about their pledges, or are sitting on the fence regarding joining in to the campaign.  We’ll also have a pledge calculator up tomorrow to make it easier to tally up your desired Add-ons.

An Iconic Monster, a Ghostly Presence, and Backer Bonuses

The final week of the Kickstarter campaign is upon us!  As is the final Monster Monday, and we saved the best for last.  Now unleashing the Shoggoth! This iconic Lovecraftian horror is making its inaugural appearance in the 2nd Edition of Strange Aeons.

This many-eyed, many-mouthed horror (we’ve had three people count mouths, and still can’t sort out exactly how many there are, but it’s definitely over 30 of each) is fresh from the hands of sculptor Kyla Richards.  In the 1st Edition, we treated the Formless Thing as a catch-all profile for all shapeless horrors, but decided in the development process of 2nd Edition that a monster as iconic as the Shoggoth really did warrant it’s own unique profile.

Next order of business: in the early hours this morning (by our perspective), we breached the ‘threshold’ amount of $42,500 to unlock our next Stretch Goal – the Ghostly Girl – and remained above that amount for about four hours prior to a pledge reduction taking the total back under.  Now, had I been awake at the time, I would certainly have revealed the Stretch Goal, so it only seems fair to do so now regardless, even though we’re back under the necessary amount.  So, without further ado, presenting her Ghostliness:

We’ll share an image of the actual translucent model once we get a test cast completed.  The Ghost Girl has no specific profile attached to her, and can easily be used as any Ghost profile you see fit.

We also passed the 250 Backer mark yesterday evening, which means all Backers will now be receiving a copy of the Morbid Adventures PDF to go with the free 1st Edition Rulebook PDF at the conclusion of the campaign (a mere week away!).  Morbid Adventures is, in our opinion, our best work, and provides a much greater depth to the Strange Aeons experience with more scenarios, a more balanced scenario table, and the introduction of Black Marks to track the corruption of your Threshold operatives.

Flipping Out at $40k!

We cracked the $40,000 mark early today, which is a pretty substantial achievement for the campaign.  The associated unlock is the Flipbook Booster, which introduces a pair or pocket-sized quick reference books: one each for Threshold and Lurkers.  These will contain all the model profiles and weapon stats available to each side; a condensed reference for Skills and Spells; and commonly used Tables such as Injury and Insanity.  Also, at the recommendation of our backers, we’ll be adding blank Log Sheets and notes pages.

Rumour has reached us that some technologically-inclined players like to have various sorts of devices on hand while playing.  We’ve only just moved up to holding our games under electric light instead of candles (got tired of chipping wax off the scenery), but we can’t ignore public demand!  As the Flipbooks happen to be roughly smartphone-sized, we’ll be including a PDF version in the Booster in case you’d prefer to display it on a handheld device.

Colours out of Space

We have a few samples of our intended production resin tints to show off.  Threshold models will be coloured Blue, Lurkers Green, and Scenery elements either Grey or Brown as appropriate.

Why the colours, you ask?  Our old white models were really hard to see details on, which made them both tricky to plan out paint schemes for, and very hard to look at in retail packages.  A touch of colour was the perfect solution to this problem, and we figured we may as go all-out and make the models usable even for players that aren’t inclined to paint their figures.

Clicking the montage below will take you to larger images in our Gallery:

Grubbing About

Wow, thanks to a new Legendary backer, we’ve lurched our way past another Stretch Goal!  Tonight we’re adding three FREE Grubs to both the Beast Booster and Conqueror Worm Booster.

Grubs aren’t a conventional Lurker insofar as you won’t normally be able to select them as part of your list before the game starts.  They can appear during the game in several ways, but most notably as a new result when searching graves or other objectives.  In the case of the Conqueror Worm, wounding the Worm will cause Grubs to burst forth and attack nearby models.  Grubs don’t do much in the way of damage, but they severely hamper the combat ability of models they’ve latched themselves on to.

Floating Fiends & Scintillating Samples

Time to unveil a new Monday Monster! This week is an oldie but a goodie. The Dark Puppeteer is a massive airborne tentacled terror that utilizes the focused power of its gigantic exposed brain to enslave the weak minds of hapless human victims!

Also some new ‘samples’ to share with you.  First up, the revised 2nd Edition Demo Kit is now available for download, and will allow you to take a pre-built starting Threshold squad to the field against an assortment of dastardly Lurkers.

Also, we now have the prototypes of our Template Set Booster (literally) in hand, and would like to show them off!

Template-Blast Template-Spray Tokens


A Miniature Skirmish Game of Eldritch Horror