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Where Have All the Good Cards Gone?

Astute observers of our webstore may have noticed that the Twisted Fate and Solo card decks have mysteriously disappeared. While there is cause for concern things will get better in time! Thanks to robust post-Kickstarter sales the previously mentioned card decks have both sold out completely and will need to be reprinted. This should be accomplished sometime in the first quarter of the coming year. There is no cause for concern regarding our other currently available products (rulebook, templates and Starter set…) we just didn’t figure on everyone liking the cards this much and so printed fewer than required.

There will be no new products released this year. As mentioned earlier, sales have be up and keeping everyone busy and now the holiday season is a great time to slow down and spend some time with the family…which is exactly what we here at Uncle Mike’s Worldwide are going to do. Thanks again to everyone who has helped and supported us this last year, making Strange Aeons Second Edition bigger and better than ever before. More of that next year!